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rv10 in flight
Alan Carlisle RV-14 (4)
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About RVAA

Our objective is to promote the building and flying of Vans RV Aircraft in Australia.

Aviation Insurance

RVAA Inc Agile Aviation Insurance

RVAA has negotiated very competitive insurance premiums for its members with Agile Aviation Insurance.
Reports from members who have switched to Agile Aviation Insurance confirm their competitiveness, so it’s worth getting a quote for your next renewal which you can get online by clicking the link: https://vansaircraftau.poweredbyagile.com.au/ and get an instant quote.
Agile Insurance is paying the RVAA $30 membership fee for every RV owner insured through Agile Aviation Insurance!

Building an RV and want to

connect with RV builders in Australia?

We can put members in contact with builders in their area

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RV Events in Australia

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