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Post March 2023 RVAA AGM Wrap-Up

G'Day Chris

Welcome to our Post March 2023 RVAA AGM Wrap-Up.

What a fantastic success, with many aircraft and attendees.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to this success, especially
John Brumpton who coordinated the whole event at Goolwa. John Also made it into the local newspaper, The Victor Harbor Times. Click on the link 'Largest contingent of home built aircraft fills Goolwa skies' to see the story.

A special thank you to Geoff & Richard Eastwood for offering Goolwa airport for the event.

Given that some of the Committee members are still touring, it has been decided to get the information we have on the Event to our members now.

Richard Raymond, our treasurer, wrote a report on the success of this event.


  1. The minutes of the 2023 AGM
  2. A report of the Event written by our Treasurer Richard Raymond.
  3. More details on IOR's fuel subsidy for RVAA Members.
    It is important that all members read this section as your contact details will be sent to IOR unless you notify the Treasurer that you wish to OPT-OUT prior to the 28th April 2023.
  4. Doug McCullough on RVAA's Website
  5. Vale Michael Hart from South Australia
  6. Membership - Benefits
  7. Competitive Insurance
  8. Join RV Aircraft Australia

1. Minutes of the 2023 AGM

These will be posted on the website at Minutes - RV Aircraft Australia as soon as they become available.

2. Richard Raymond Report

RVAA Goolwa 2023

Goolwa 2023 has come and gone! What a great weekend!

Despite the severe weather hampering departures from the Sydney basin, over 60 intrepid aviators and their aircraft made their way to the beautiful town of Goolwa, SA. Arrivals commenced from Thursday with the bulk of the aircraft arriving on Friday. By lunchtime, on Friday the Goolwa weather had improved to allow various flying displays by the locals to entertain us throughout the weekend.

Various gifts were made to those who helped make the weekend an outstanding success. First and foremost we thank our Vice President, John Brumpton, who organised the entire event. Being a local, John had transport, catering and refreshments amply catered for. John was ably assisted by his family, Karen & Damien who between them, cooked two lunches, two breakfasts and one dinner. Country portions ruled!

If you have never been to Goolwa we can heartily recommend a stop at the airfield. Sitting on an elevated point, the airfield slopes gently towards the ocean offering brilliant spectator views. As the airfield is privately owned by Geoff we are very grateful to him and his son Richard for opening their facility to us. We suspect it helped that Geoff has a soft spot for a good RV!

Hosting the actual AGM and subsequent forums was courtesy of Lindo, a local LAME and display pilot extraordinaire! Lindo’s hangar was cleared to create an auditorium, and when he was not doing that, he entertained us with various stunning flying displays!

The Silver Sharks, an RV-based formation aerobatic display team, and RVAA members were super impressive in their various displays, showing the capability of our aircraft to the full. Their dusk display was sensational! Thanks guys.

Last but not least were the locals who graciously volunteered their time as photographers, cooks, marshalers and safety coordinators. Lee photographed each aircraft and proud owner on arrival, Steve and Jon marshalled, and John rolled up his sleeves to assist with the cooking. If we have not mentioned you by name please forgive us, suffice to say, the Goolwa hosting was excellent.

The competition to see who had flown the furthest distance was tight, with the WA boys pipped by Scottie Pottle and his son Tristan who joined us from Port Douglas! Well done to you both.

In terms of personal effort to attend, we have Peter who flew to Perth from his work in central WA, caught a late arrival into Adelaide, hired a car and drove to the event arriving at midnight, to bunk down in one of the hangars! A great effort Peter, and aspiring RV builder.

As a courtesy to the variety of national aviation organisations, we opened the floor of the AGM to allow them to address us as we all share a common love of aviation. Matt, the CEO of RAAus, and Jared, a technical delegate, spoke passionately about the need to collaborate throughout our various aviation circles. An invite was sent to the President of the SAAA, who for personal reasons, declined to join us. We are all the more grateful to Matt and Jared who took the time to address us.

Jack Vicary of IOR petroleum travelled from Brisbane to make a major sponsorship announcement. As there is significant content to his announcement we will discuss the contents later in this newsletter. On behalf of the Association, we are very grateful to IOR for their sponsorship.

From the Secretary’s perspective the value of taking the ‘show on the road’ was clearly evident, with an excellent turnout of South Australians. As a result, 13 new member applications have been processed! Most came to ‘test the water’ and were suitably impressed enough to join. The majority of those new members are in their build phase. Welcome aboard guys and girls! Reach out if you need assistance.

You guys kept the Treasurer busy throughout! The greatest boon was the purchase of a Square EFT card reader which made processing payments a very simple affair. Event pricing saw a very small increment over the actual cost of purchasing the merchandise, food and beverages. Our philosophy is to realistically price.

A straw poll was taken during the Treasurer’s report regarding our insurance scheme with Agile. 11 members present were existing Agile customers before the RVAA deal was announced last year. The poll indicates that the number has more than tripled since the announcement.

RVAA merchandise sales were robust with caps and mugs on offer. We have a SHOP link on the website should you wish to explore that avenue. Thank you, Tim, for arranging the purchases.

Each guest speaker was given a token of our esteem.

This newsletter comes courtesy of Doug McCullough our webmaster who runs the website with distinction. Thank you Doug!

It will probably come as no surprise that during the election of office bearers, a deathly hush descended as members found a point to focus on that was nowhere near the President’s eye contact! As a result, the existing positions on the committee roll over for a further year. We did however elect Milan Zaklan to the committee. Zak is from WA where the next meeting will be held. Zak can thank his travelling buddies for volunteering him!

The 2024 event is to be held in WA, with the exact dates and location to be determined.

Following the AGM a variety of seminars were held.

Speaking first was our own Ashley Miller who updated the meeting on the outstanding progress that Flight Youth Engineering (FYE) has made since the inaugural meeting. The lead project, an RV-12iS, has been successfully completed by Daniel and Jonathon, now both 17. Daniel displayed it at the Avalon Airshow last month! Ashley further updated us on the progress of the school build at St Columban’s in Caboolture. The completion of that aircraft is expected within the next 3-6 months. The second aircraft for St. Columban’s is on order with the tail kit’s arrival imminent.

Part of the great success of FYE is the introduction of students to career streams in aviation. Two graduates of the program are already engineering apprentices with Bell helicopters. Another is in a QANTAS engineering apprenticeship placement, whilst two others have entered engineering degree courses, and another is studying at TAFE for his aviation certificates. Two of last year’s graduating students are now mentoring the next school build. At least six are undertaking flying training with two licensed already. By any measure, the FYE model is a great success!

Like all projects, FYE relies on the generosity of donations. If you could help, Ashley can be contacted through our website Contact page.

Paul McVitty, a member, founder and designer of FlyLEDS, presented his latest and greatest lighting arrays that will fit, or retrofit into the various RV models. Paul has various arrays that he transports to shows around the country. Thank you, Paul, for your support of the meeting.

Richard Connell, a member, and inaugural RV-10ER owner in Australia shared with us the images and narrative of the completion of his RV-10 upgrade using the Sky Designs tanks. The tank skins and rear baffle are available from Sky Designs for both the -10 and -14/-14A models. The internal structure uses existing Vans tank parts. The major advantage to this design is your fuel is contained in one large tank in each wing, rather than a series of interconnected tanks. Richard’s aeroplane was on display and is a tribute to an outstanding build!

David Brown, a member, who is an authorised Dynon installer and APS course presenter, took us on a highly condensed journey through the world of engine handling, focusing on diagnostics. David runs courses developed over decades that teach the very best way to operate our engines. David can be contacted through the Association.

To all our presenters and featured talkers, we sincerely thank you for making our event the success it was.

FUEL DISCOUNT FOR RVAA MEMBERS - Full details in Section 3.

Stay Tuned
The RVAA is currently undertaking some very exciting projects that will have a very significant impact for all RV owners. The ultimate goal being a saving in money and convenience.

Havent applied for Membership?
We have nearly 100 people who have indicated that they would be interested in joining the RVAA but havent got around to it yet. The time is coming when we will have to restrict our communications and services to RVAA financial members only. The RVAA continues to return for our members through discounted insurance and now fuel discounts.
We dont think anyone could say they dont get their moneys worth for being a member of the RVAA.

To Join, go to section 8

3. IOR's fuel subsidy for RVAA Members.

At the AGM Mr Jack Vicary, Business Development Manager – Aviation, from the IOR aviation fuel company, travelled from Brisbane to announce that IOR is now a proud sponsor of the RVAA Inc. All full financial members of the RVAA will receive an 8 cents per litre discount on all aviation fuels when using their facilities. IOR has over 35 years of fuel distribution in Australia and is rapidly expanding its aviation fuel locations.
How will this work?
To avail of this member discount RVAA is required to provide IOR a list of full financial members (and update the list annually). On that list will be your name, membership number and mobile number. The committee is aware that members' privacy is paramount. We will therefore employ an OPT-OUT procedure. Should any member wish to OPT-OUT of being included in the 8-cent per litre discount, please let the Treasurer know before the 28th of April 2023. We will withhold your membership details from IOR. After that date, IOR will be provided with members' details for your discount to be applied.
IOR will then text you and invite you to download their FuelCharge App”. The app provides for credit card payments.
RVAA members will receive a discount off the pump price. Monday to Sunday transactions will be processed and debited on the following Monday.
We suspect most members will recoup the RVAA annual membership fee of $30 very quickly with this sponsorship. Spread the word. This is only available to full financial members.
By full financial membership the Treasurer requires an RVAA application form, and an annual fee of $30, paid either directly or through their insurance scheme with Agile. Sorry to use bold features, but we chase the return of membership application forms…
Currently, IOR has fuel distribution at the following airfields:
Charters Towers
Toowoomba City
Barwon Heads

Swan Hill
King Island


In the last newsletter, it was announced that a Forum had been added.
The forum is up and running and can be accessed for viewing by any member of the public.
To create a new post or to comment on any post, you need to be an RVAA Member and apply for a Login and Password. To obtain this login, go to the Contact Tab, scroll down to Doug McCullough and send him an email requesting a login. Once your membership has been checked, you will receive an email from WordPress with your login and computer-generated password and an opportunity for you to change the password to your own.
The Photos and Videos section is for a one-of, from a member.

For multiple photos of an Event a new Tab named GALLERIES has been created.
A gallery has been started for the Goolwa AGM here

To create a new Gallery, multiple photos need to be sent to Doug McCullough via the CONTACT Tab who will create and post them to the requested Gallery.

5. Vale Michael Hart

It is with great sadness that we inform our members of the passing of one of our founding members, Michael Hart from South Australia.
The club offers our deepest sympathies and condolences to Michael's family.

6. Membership Benefits

Benefits of Becoming a Member of RVAA

Foremost, Camaraderie and support, social trips away, social events, building, and maintenance support. Maintenance updates. Subsidised events with transportation to and from aerodromes to accommodation arranged and paid for.

Free membership when taking out RVAA Agile Insurance which has proven to be the most competitive in the market. This scenario is a win-win result.

RVAA discounts from various suppliers, the latest being a fuel subsidy.

Note: All committee members are volunteers and do not receive any remuneration from RVAA. Your $30 annual membership supports the following:
  • Annual government returns.
  • Building and ongoing support for an RVAA Website to assist with communication within the group.
  • Advocacy: If it is in the best interest of RVAA members to lobby any government department for any reason, to be able to do so within the confines of RVAA's financial resources.
  • FREE Advertising on the RVAA Website for your Buy/Sell items.

7. Competitive Insurance

We now have over 150 fully paid members and membership is growing rapidly. If you haven’t bothered to join the RVAA all you have to do is take out the most competitive insurance policy on the market, click here for details from Agile, and get an instant quote and a pleasant surprise. When you take out the RV insurance, the insurer will make the $30 membership fee to the RVAA on your behalf, it's that simple.

I know some of you are happy with your current insurance arrangements perhaps through your personal brokers, that’s OK I’m confident that your broker will be going through Agile Insurance, as this is the most competitive company on the market, QBE is lagging far behind at the moment.
If you use your own broker and the insurance is via Agile then Agile will still pay our RVAA membership fees for you.

I’m also aware that some members self-insure, that being the case, all you have to do is make a small payment of $30 to the RVAA. In due course, those RV owners who haven’t taken the opportunity to join will no longer receive RVAA publications and invites. Now is the time to take a few moments to get your membership into order.

8. Join RV Aircraft Australia

  • Account name: RV Aircraft Australia
  • Bank: Commonwealth Bank
  • BSB: 064166
  • Account Number: 10631618
  • Annual fee: $30
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