East Coast Contingent Flying to Serpentine for the 2024 AGM

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  • December 7, 2023 at 9:43 pm #1973

    Flight Planning 2024 RVAA AGM

    Serpentine (Perth) WA 9th March 2024

    Next year will see a first for a long time.  East Coast aviators flying to the West to attend an aviation fly-in.  Normally our friends from West Australia find themselves making the long journey east every year.  At the RVAA we believe in being inclusive and moving our AGM’s to alternate states each year.

    For many this may be an adventure of a lifetime, for others, it will be an exciting revisit of Australia’s best flying country.

    Attached below is one flight plan that could be utilised for all east coast RVAA members.  The plan commences at Broken Hill for the gathering.  The plan allows for 4 days of travel and includes sightseeing stops enroute, with flying times being limited to less than three hours most days, arriving at Serpentine 3 days before the AGM, thus allowing members to play at being a tourist in Perth before the meeting.  RVAA will be hiring a bus three days out from the AGM to provide members a vehicle to travel around Perth and surrounds in those three days.  As usual, the RVAA bus will be available for the entire long weekend to transport members to and from Serpentine to nearby accommodation.

    There will be members for various reasons may not be able to fly on the dates listed and will fly later during the week.  I’m confident that it will be hard to cross the Nullarbor that week without meeting up with other RVAA members on their journey.

    If you would like to join our trip west, you are most welcome. Every day will have a highlight excursion that I’m sure you will find fascinating.

    The RVAA has reserved accommodation at Forrest during the first week of March, please ring Myriam on 0408 710 862 or email admin@forfestairport.com.au to confirm that accommodation.

    Please confirm if you will be joining our flight to Serpentine so that we can one, see whether we can leverage some group discounts in accommodation at Broken Hill, Port Lincoln, and Kalgoorlie.  Plus ensuring we have booked the correct sized bus.  Even if you are unsure at this time, which is understandable, but you think you might be joining us, please let us know so that we can secure all the accommodation and transport needed.  It will be no good to have booked an 11 seat bus if 20 people end up joining.  I’m sure you understand.


    Alan Carlisle

    0403 323 973


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