Garmin GSA 28 Recall

Garmin Aviation has confirmed the below summary, via email:

Garmin Autopilot? Please read.
This year Garmin released Service Bulletins 23038 RevA (non-certified) and 23024 (certified). These service bulletins apply to all GSA 28 smart servos, shipped before September 1, 2022; that are NOT marked with “MOD 1”.
Anytime between now and 2028 (5 years) Garmin will replace, for free, your Garmin GSA 28 servos.
For certified aircraft, they will pay for labor. There is some confusion with the part and serial numbers listed in the SB. Regardless of what the SB states, if your unit is not listed and you don’t have a “MOD 1”, Garmin will most likely replace it.
This is based on recent emails the RVAA President had directly with Garmin Aviation.

The link to Garmin’s Service Bulletin can be accessed here.

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