Aviation Insurance

RVAA has negotiated very competitive insurance premiums for its members with Agile Aviation Insurance. Reports from members who have switched to Agile Aviation Insurance confirm their competitiveness, so it’s worth getting a quote for your next renewal.
Agile Insurance is paying the RVAA $30 membership fee for every RV owner insured through Agile Insurance!
If you have Agile Insurance, you will no longer be asked by the Treasurer to make an annual $30 membership payment. How good is that?
In order to protect your privacy, Agile Insurance will ask you to tick if you are or want to be a member of the RVAA. We will then receive your $30 membership ‘free to you’ subscription.

Click the link: and get an instant quote

One request from the Treasurer, please Email RVAA when you have purchased your insurance as we manually claim your membership fee.

Agile Aviation Underwriting Services
ABN 48 607 908 243 : AFSL 483374
1300 705 031
Michael Dalton
Head of Aviation
+61 458120195

Purchasing RVAA Merchandise

To purchase an RVAA Data Plate, Cap, Cap & Mug Combo or T-Shirt

First, make an EFT payment for your selected package to:
Bank. Commonwealth Bank
A/C Name: RV Aircraft Australia
BSB: 064166
Account Number: 10631618
(Don’t forget to insert your name)

Then, email our Treasurer, Richard Raymond with the details of your purchase.

RVAA Data Plate

Custom Data Plate now available

To order your data plate

First, make an EFT payment of $75 to our account
as per the Purchasing RVAA Merchandise.

Then click on the button and fill out the details. Your order will be sent to Ashley Miller for production.

RVAA flying baseball hats embroidered with RVAA

Baseball Hat $20.00 each
Postage $10.00

New stock has arrived and is now available to order.

Stainless steel (insulated) RVAA Mugs

RVAA Mug $20.00 each
Postage $10.00

Limited stock available for immediate delivery.

Cap & Mug COMBO

You can purchase these items as a combo to save you postage as it remains the same at $10.

RVAA Mug and Cap combo $40.00
Postage $10.00


RVAA Embroidered T-Shirt $35.00
Postage $10.00

Sizes are S, M, L, XL, XXL
Colour illustrated is the only colour available.
The material is mainly cotton with poly.

Name Badges are first rate as per the illustrations to the right.

Pin clip badge – $8.00
Magnet clip badge – $10.00

1300 862 637

21 Potato Point Rd
Bodalla, NSW, 2545

Lyndall can configure the badge any way you’d like it.  The illustrations to the right are not representative of all that is available. One person has his registration included on the badge.

If you haven’t ordered your name badge, please contact Lyndall to order yours.